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Graffiti can be cleaned from brickwork, concrete, cladding, woodwork, metal, plastic and some painted surfaces. Graffiti vandals use many types of spray paint and pens for which we carry the means to remove, including gold and silver.

The graffiti cleaning equipment is self contained and can be operated in remote areas such as buildings alongside railways and can be used independent of a fixed water or electricity supply.

Our equipment includes hot or steam pressure washing which is an effective means of cleaning most graffiti off surfaces and helps limit the use of chemicals. Where possible we use chemicals which are biodegradable which are kinder to the environment.

We are able to offer permanent and sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings.

Our service is not only limited to graffiti removal. Spillages of paint on commercial and domestic properties, road surfaces, brickwork and concrete is all too common whether deliberate or not. We offer a quick and efficient service in the cleaning of the affected areas.

For any of the above cleaning services please contact us.

At BD Cleaning Services we offer a graffiti removal service in Kent providing a cost effective solution to graffiti vandalism.

Any kind of graffiti vandalism is a problem. “Tags” are the graffiti artists signature and is best removed quickly to discourage further tags from other graffiti vandals. Racist and offensive graffiti are treated as priority and are removed quickly.

Graffiti vandalism

Graffiti Removal